At table with Mother Earth

The Werfkring is one of the oldest resaturants on the historic Utrecht canal wharfs. Claziena Verdorst – author of the cookbook At table with Mother Earth – started the Werfkring with her husband Leo in 1976. In 1981 Namgyal Lhamo and her sister Chukie took over the restaurant. Since then the menu has hardly changed. The products used in the Werfkring are mostly biological. Grains, herbs, pulses, steamed and raw vegetables are still the basis of the menu. Here and there Namgyal added some accents from the Indian and Tibetan cuisine.

Core values

Sustainability as leading principle for the restaurant was and is for Namgyal a normal value. “My restaurant makes a difference of at least one cow a week”, she once told in an interview with NOVIB/Oxfam. To avoid waste and pollution is for a buddhist like Namgyal a logical consequence of ‘mindfulness’ and tinking in terms of interdependence. Pure, simple, healthy and hospitality are other core values of the Werfkring. Last but not least, Namgyal sees the restaurant a place in Utrecht where over the last thirty years customers can experience a touch of the culture of Tibet.


De Werfkring has the certificate ‘Hospitable for Vegetarians’ of the Dutch Association of Vegetarians.