Namgyal en Brad Pitt


As one of the Tibetan children growing up in exile, Namgyal Lhamo was selected at the age of eight to study at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharamsala, India. There she studied under the great Tibetan music masters and became one of the leading stars. She performed with TIPA countless times in India and toured around the world. Since the end of the seventies she lives in the Netherlands. Together with her sister Chukie she took over the Wefkring restaurant in 1981. That made both sisters the first Tibertans to start a rstaurant in the West.

Preservation of Tibetan culture

Stimulated by her experiences in the movie ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ in the early nineties, Namgyal resumed her musical career. Her mission has always been to contribute with her music to the preservation of Tibetan culture. She performs regularly in the Netherlands and abroad. She combines that with composing the menu for the restarant, providing leadership to the Werfkring team and being ‘the face’ of the Werfkring.

Namgyal Lhamo and her sister Kelsang Chukie on the set of Seven Years in Tibet